Societal Trends – Crossing the Threshold into Communism


Maybe slightly melodramatic – however, it seems clear that Jan’21 marked the time when the US officially crossed the threshold from Democracy into Communism, also, in terms of our national awareness of the transition. 

What’s Changed? 

The transition and expansion of big government and the administrative state with ever more intrusive controls on everyday aspects of our lives has been underway in the US for nearly a century – it now encompasses health care, education, finance and housing, social engineering and welfare, environmentalism, far left political concepts, with ever-expanding regulation and control of production and business operations themselves.  President Trump instituted many corrections to the trend over his four short years in office, but big government remains the incubator for the transition into communism. 

What’s changed more recently that’s also very worrisome is the unabashed political intrusion of ‘Big Tech’ (private industry), as well as the much more obvious and seriously fraudulent conduct of this last general election.  At least half the country rightly feels like their votes don’t count.  That’s not healthy, nor a long-term stable operating condition for a democracy.  The individual states can of course correct many of these problems if they have the will in the years to come.  Maybe there are even electronic ways to better authentic and ensure easy, accurate and speedy vote tabulations to prevent the abuses evident in the 2020 election. 

Equally troubling though are the overt political actions of Big Tech and the unprofessional operation of the ‘main stream’ media – pervasive political bias even on the supposedly ‘news’ side of the legacy media outlets means at least half the country isn’t even receiving an honest accounting of both sides of issues to allow them to decide for themselves in an informed manner. 

Perhaps the most important breakdown of all is in the integrity and respect for freedom of speech by Big Tech.  Most obviously, Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, since they are now one of the primary sources of information for many people.  Section 230 protections [implemented as part of the 1996 Communications Decency Act and intended to prevent minors from accessing sexually explicit materials on the internet] allow Big Tech to remove and block content it deems to be “obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected.”  The law’s only boundaries are that removal of speech be done in “good faith.” 

Intended to allow internet companies to avoid consequences for content posted by their users, this section has since been hijacked to create a consequence-free way for big tech to shadow-ban, silence, and squash particularly conservative thought.  As a result, Section 230 protections are now being routinely invoked by Big Tech to censor important stories like the Biden family ‘pay-to-play’ corrupt arrangements with China and the Ukraine (for which Hunter Biden has been subpoenaed with an investigation now underway by the DOJ for tax evasion and his business dealings).   

Censorship of any views that do not align with Big Tech’s stance on the virus is rampant.  Censorship of election fraud evidence that is contrary to the Blue Team narrative, Twitter and YouTube’s bans of President Trump’s accounts (which even Angela Merkel finds ‘concerning’), all the YouTube documentaries taken down, it goes on-and-on and is very troubling.   

Big Tech is obviously no longer a fan of constitutional freedom of speech, and their politically motivated censorship during the election campaign changed millions of votes and singlehandedly swung the election to Biden. 

The ‘Big’ Alignment Concern 

There’s a very real concern now that if Big Tech, Big Government, and the Administrative State are all three aligned under a Biden administration, the stage is set for a continued US progression even more deeply and more rapidly into communism.  The five largest tech companies, with a current market value of $3.5 trillion, are collectively worth significantly more than the entire economy of the United Kingdom. 

Communism and socialism both center on ‘state control and ownership of the means of production’, and also on a totalitarian definition and dissemination of the ‘party line’ narrative by a state-controlled media, i.e., no freedom of speech – and that’s the condition we are increasingly finding ourselves in with the essential merger of Big Tech and the government of the US.   

Whether the means of production and the economy are owned by the state (as in communism), or just controlled by the government in an essential merger with Big Tech makes little difference – power to control the narrative and the economy and to direct and effect social change are now all concentrated in the hands of a very few.  In our case today, it is turning the other way around, with Big Tech controlling government.  Communism is always the ultimate goal, achieved with an intermediary step through socialism. 

Even before the collapse of the Soviet Union’s communism, a new, silent, and insidious approach to instituting socialism and communism was well underway in the US designed to infiltrate our core cultural institutions (rather than confront us with force).  It focused on our schools, since in the long term if you patiently shape the minds of the children, they will eventually control all aspects of a society.  ‘Tenured radicals’ have been doing just that while entrusted for many years to educate multiple generations of our youth.   

Too often, meaning well (the politics of ‘intent’) is given more importance than actual outcomes (the politics of ‘achievement’).  As long as it sounds and feels right, it must be good.  Alternative viewpoints, proposals and results are not considered or allowed and are quietly obscured or removed from the solution space.   

The slow, methodical ‘culture capture’ approach (suggested by Gramsci in 1933) is succeeding in the US where force could not because the children have grown up to run the institutions of our culture including education, health, the media, the bar, politics, and even or especially Big Tech.  See ‘Communism’s Long March Through the Institutions has Succeeded’ by Barbara Kay —   

Increasingly powerful BioTech and InfoTech will play oversized roles in mankind’s future.  Trans-genderism, white privilege, cancel culture, language manipulation, political correctness are all tools used to instill confusion and fear, which in turn is designed to muffle free speech and discourage free thought, and to establish acceptance of the intended narrative.  

Crossing the Threshold 

And finally, now with the loss of faith by most in democratic elections, with the strong alignment of the Left with BigTech and their massive surveillance and censorship, and with the media’s studied aversion to reporting reality and focusing instead on shaping the desired ‘narrative’, we are crossing the day-to-day threshold into outright communism.   

Maybe it won’t require force, now that it can be done more quietly, insidiously, and effectively through mob-rule shaming, identity politics, and installation of the fear to speak freely.  Either way, the same totalitarian goals are achieved including depowering the family unit, implementing the ‘vision of the elites,’ and increasing state control, especially of our children in their formative years.  Whether it’s the Chinese Communist Party’s explicit social credit system, or implemented implicitly through shaming and peer pressure, the goal, the approach, and the effect are similar. 

Globalism (Globalist Agenda — may be useful according to Prof Harari (Homo Deus, Sapiens books) in order to solve inherently global problems (e.g., global warming, war, health), but he also admits that individual nation state capitalism and liberalism have made enormous progress with global problems and has essentially eliminated war, famine and plagues worldwide since the middle of the 20th century.  And on the national level, individual and small charitable organization efforts to combat poverty and a wide range of social ills has been far more effective than the massive and often mis-guided federal efforts like the War on Poverty and welfare.  

Trump’s concerted effort to scale back big government and the administrative state (the ‘Swamp’), and to buck globalism and communism were very ambitious and politically expensive.  Clearly there’s a global and national elitist agenda (that maybe even dovetails in with China’s Communist world domination agenda, as well as Harari’s prediction of the coming essential immortality of at least the elite humans who can afford it) that will purposely, or not, separate humankind into at least two distinct classes. 

Thomas Sowell’s prescient 1995 book:  The Vision of the Anointed explains our current situation 


Hillary Clinton referred to the lower class as the ‘deplorables’, Thomas Sowell (see attached ‘The Vision of the Anointed Explains our Situation Today’ article) called the elites the ‘anointed’ in his 1995 book, ‘The Vision of the Anointed – Self Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy’ which presciently describes ‘annointed’ and ‘denighted’ classes.   

Prof. Harari warns that the ‘benighted’ or ‘deplorables’ may eventually become something more of a ‘useless’ class if their jobs are replaced by artificially intelligent robots, while the elite become bio- and info-enhanced and grow essentially immortal.  Few, if any humans will still be required to work.  Harari warns that society (as a whole) needs to address the ramifications and coming structural changes now, before the elites become the only ones still capable of shaping the future.  One recurring keystone of elite philosophy is that great social and biological dangers (e.g., the Coronavirus) can only be averted if the vision of the anointed is imposed through large scale bureaucratic control and initiatives.   

Currently the federal government is the last organization with the size and power to counterbalance Big Tech, assuming Joe Biden’s new government is so inclined.   

Unfortunately, few have confidence in Biden’s qualifications and ability to positively shape the future.  Given his age and health its doubtful he will even finish a full term.  Most frightening is the prospect of Big government aligning now with Big Tech and using Big Tech surveillance, media, and communication technology tools in support of implementing the elite’s vision and control of the rest of us.   

We have already seen how media and information control by Big Tech and their dark money infiltration of our political system clearly swung millions of votes in this election and singlehandedly won it for Biden.  If the might and legislative control of Big Government is now aligned with Big Tech, the media and our education system, we will be well established on the path to a full social credit system like China has implemented for communist ‘soft’ control of their citizenry, obviating the need for the traditional communist ‘hard’ control method.   

Big Tech may continue forcing their woke cultural and technocratic policy orthodoxies onto the rest of us – they operate as virtual policy enforcers of their own social credit system.  They may soon employ cutting edge surveillance technology like Communist China uses to enforce its social credit system, where you can’t ride public transportation, or your rent goes up, or you lose your job – if you get too many social justice demerits.  Big Tech could enforce acquiescence to quasi-public policies, or to the social and cultural dictates of ‘experts’ and cultural ‘influencers,’ or they may follow their own personal whims, like for example where Bank of America now refuses to loan money for the manufacture of legal-to-own ‘assault weapon’ guns.  ‘Beware the Corporatocracy’, Wesley J. Smith (attached), and the Parler is Silenced, Wesley J. Smith — 

Chinese Communist Threat 

Over the last three decades China has become the dominant communist force worldwide.  Internally relying on 20th century communist totalitarian fundamentals, China ruthlessly controls its economy, education, the media, culture and religion.  Like communist dictatorships before it, the CCP dedicates vast resources to create intellectual conformity, employing the latest in high-tech tools to maintain the ‘Great Firewall of China’ (which limits access to websites and alternate ideas from outside the country), to monitor all communications and to surveil the population using facial recognition and other state of the art computer technologies.   

President Xi has revitalized and emphasizes communist ideological indoctrination throughout the country.  Externally, China primarily pursues its global ambitions in the economic sphere, while exploiting the freedom of the world’s liberal democracies to undercut their culture, governance, prosperity, and national security.  A Time for Choosing: A Test for Our Souls  (EpochTimes Editorial Board) — 

China has systematically bought and blackmailed key elites in the US government, media, academia, and business.  Chinese professor Di Dongsheng (Associate Dean of the School of International Studies from the Renmin University of China in Beijing) recently bragged:  China has developed and used its “good friends” in the United States politically and financially for decades’.   

                Video report on Communist China’s influence in the USA —   

                Lei’s Real Talk  index of video reports — 

Joe Biden is already so heavily compromised from his personal and family’s corrupt influence peddling that he can’t deal effectively with either China or much of the rest of the world.  Add Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the other left wing extremists (rapidly becoming the mainstream of the Democrat party), ‘cancel culture,’ identity politics, the Administrative State, the downward and leftward spiral of education from Kindergarten to College, White Privilege, Critical Race Theory, Big Tech censoring and merger with Big Government, Antifa, heavily corrupted and manipulated elections, court packing, etc, etc., — we are hurtling toward Communism and the immediate future looks depressingly bleak.  But the future is not lost and there is much we can do individually that doesn’t take much effort beyond the most important step of wanting to understand the threat, and committing ourselves to confronting it. 

Some Actions – what can people do who are concerned? 

  1. Become more aware and better informed on the threat
  2. Switch search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo —   (DuckDuckGo is working great for me!)
  3. Stop using Facebook and Twitter or find less intrusive alternatives (ParlerTumblrWhatsApp, etc.)
  4. Find honest and reliable alternative news sources:
  5. Re-focus our energy more on understanding the big picture forces shaping our future – e.g., Homo Deus, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, books by Prof. Yuval Harari 

Author — Captain Jack