The ‘Bail Project’ — Who’s Funding and Supporting the Riots?

It’s obvious the nightly riots across the US are not spontaneous, and that they can only occur with very heavy financial and logistical support.  Have you seen the U-Haul trucks unloading pre-printed signs and weapons for the rioters?  Also, are you noticing that the facts now being uncovered of many, if not all of the claimed catalyzing events for the riots are turning out to actually be 180 out from the initially reported stories blaming the police (some of who obviously also made mistakes)?

Unless we want these riots to continue, we need to ask the question and understand who is really behind the riots, and who is funding them.

Please watch these two short videos about the ‘Bail Project’ and some of the men who are funding the mayhem:

Another example of an equally if not more important and destructive force is George Soros’ (one of the Blue Team’s favorite benefactors) systematic and heavily funded efforts over the past several years to elect radical leftist District Attorneys into local office around the country who are insidiously refusing to prosecute the rioters and criminals, and thereby releasing them directly back into society, without any accountability, and to resume wreaking havoc on new or old victims:

Of course there’s nothing technically wrong with helping your team elect candidates who support your view.  However, in this case one man is using his extreme wealth to systematically subvert the legal system and US law (crafted by many legislatures and many individual legislators) by electing local DA’s who systematically refuse to enforce the law.    Fundamentally, the job of Attorney Generals and Prosecutors is to enforce the laws as written.  Among other failures the Soros DA’s in these and other liberal cities, is failing to prosecute violent rioters and other criminals.

Not enforcing the law is the flip side to immediately bailing out and supporting violent protesters, as described above.

By not enforcing our laws as written, these Soros prosecutors are subverting the legislative branch’s effort to establish a safe and peaceful environment in our society where individuals and businesses can enjoy life, grow and thrive.  Together, it appears to be their purpose to systematically dismantle and destroy the fabric of America itself.  It is at least certainly the result of their efforts.

These aren’t stories or information we see today in the papers, on NPR or CNN.  Of course the fundamental reason behind every new and unusual event (over the last three years even) is that 2020 is an election year, and the Blue Team is desperate to regain power at all cost and using every dirty trick they can conjure.   These are critically important issues to understand about the wacko riot mayhem (that’s generally also not shown in the few very brief clips of ‘mostly peaceful’ protests that the mainstream choses to show – they are not easy to watch).

We know everyone is very busy with day-to-day life, but please find a few minutes to understand who’s funding and fomenting the riots, and the very radical effect these events are inflicting on our country.

Team Bullets Both Ways