2020 Election

The half of the country that is being ‘informed’ by only the legacy media has essentially no idea of the degree of fraud that occurred in the election.  It is a topic that is being purposely ignored and has been brushed off or totally buried by most of the media and censored by the social media.

This is being purposely done so that the Left wins no matter what — if Biden should prevail, but also wins in a different way even if Trump wins.  By minimizing and not reporting the extensiveness of the many irregularities that occurred, the Left sets Biden supporters up to be surprised and shocked into disbelief and non-acceptance if Trump ends up winning.  The surprise in turn then generates support for the even more massively orchestrated Antifa-style rioting of earlier in the year that is already organized and waiting in the wings to be ignited in the event Trump should prevail.

I don’t think we should be kidding ourselves into not recognizing the seriousness, extent, and very deep historical roots that are driving the anti-American and pro-Progressive/Socialist/Communist movement that was seeded in the FDR era and has been growing within the ‘deep state’ and administrative branches of our government, and of our society in academia, the media, and in Hollywood ever since FDR.  The confusion is purposeful — everything has been flipped around backwards, the non-believers are accused of doing what the bad guys have been doing all along behind our backs.

The goal remains world wide Communist totalitarianism in the guise of a supposedly idyllic Globalist society.  It is economically and militarily now pushed most overtly by the Chinese Communist Party, but is equally fed from within the US by the deep state, our media, academia, Hollywood, and the leadership of the remains of the Democratic party – it continues to grow from those seeds initially sown nearly a century ago when we first confronted Marxism during, and then Communism after WWII.

I know this sounds shockingly melodramatic and scary, but now is the time to open our awareness, acknowledge the grave changes that are occurring daily, begin to recognize and appreciate the seriousness of these changes, and to start thinking about how we must increasingly respond to this challenge at the individual as well as national level.

The Baby Boomer generation has heard the whispers our whole lives about the ‘destruction from within’ communist US agenda.  We watched the rise of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society’), the Weather Underground, and the 1971 riots and bombings, which unfortunately that generation of radicals helped fuel.  But now fifty years later, the fruits of those efforts are blossoming everywhere from within our society as the conspiracy theory exposes itself now as a stark reality.

Here’s an excellent synopsis of the current state of the situation as manifested in the 2020 election – it’s only 26 minutes long and well worth it.

Curtis Bowers: A Socialist Agenda Is Underway | Crossroads with Joshua Philipp


And if you want to dig deeper and understand the roots behind the current progressive-Socialist-Communist push in the US, you should watch the Curtis Bowers 2010 documentary ‘Agenda:  Grinding America Down’ on Amazon Prime ($4.99) or other streaming service.


Or at least the free 2 minute trailer that provides a good synopsis of the full movie here:


And finally as time allows, you should watch Curtis Bowers’ follow-on documentary:  ‘Agenda 2:  Masters of Deceit’.

Here’s the link to the free trailer synopsis and to the full documentary:


These are not conspiracy theories – these are things happening now in full view.


Author — Captain Jack


PS  In case you missed them, here’s the summary of the most substantial Election Fraud Allegations so far, as summarized by the Epoch Times

(you’ll need to zoom it up to read it) —  https://www.theepochtimes.com/election-fraud-allegations-infographic_3605589.html