BULLETS BOTH WAYS names Evan M. Todd Communications Director

Evan is a Columbine survivor, advocate, speaker and entrepreneur.

June 3, 2019 Denver, CO – Bullets Both Ways – an American brand mission focused on helping to increase security and protection measures in our schools and houses of worship is excited to welcome Columbine survivor Evan M. Todd to the team in the role of Communications Director. Since the Columbine massacre Evan has been a vocal advocate for preserving and protecting life. His mission is to help communities recognize threats, take precautions to avoid the worst case scenarios and as a last resort to equip individuals so that they are ready if or when the unthinkable happens. To accomplish these goals, Evan will develop business relationships and overall communications for Bullets Both Ways helping increase resources that can be directed to communities across the nation. Evan has extensive background in leadership, sales, marketing, public relations, as well as operations and entrepreneurism.

“I am really excited to join an organization that is a trailblazer. People want to keep their schools and churches safe. Bullets Both Ways is building a community of those people and helping provide the tools and resources that people need to accomplish those goals,” Evan says. “It is an honor to be apart of Bullets Both Ways. I cannot wait to help grow this community.”

Evan brings almost 20 years of advocacy and awareness. Evan has worked with countless churches, schools, businesses, police departments, local governments and other organizations worldwide to help increase safety and security. Evan has helped develop programs that work to identify and intervene with at risk individuals. He has also helped found and develop several small businesses. His experience will help Bullets Both Ways grow its brand awareness and community involvement.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have Evan join us.  With his past experience, skill set and heart for protecting our schools and churches – he is going to be an excellent asset and overall ambassador for our team. We are in the business of helping to save lives and Evan will only strengthen our capabilities,” says Aaron Boyd, Founder and CEO.

Bullets Both Ways, established 2018, consists of a brand and a nonprofit arm Bullets Both Ways Foundation/ Angel Shield a 501(c)(3) public charity specifically created to support and provide protection and mental health resources in our nation’s schools,

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Evan M.Todd- Phone: (303) 789-1009 or evan@BulletsBothWays.com